Catholic Church and EU Commission President back using more wood in the built environment

The significant role for sustainable wood was discussed within both the New European Bauhaus and the wider strategy to tackle climate change at a high-level meeting held 9 June 2022 in the Vatican. Hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Science and Bauhaus Earth, the event also featured the Wood4Bauhaus Alliance.

President of the European Commission quotes the Pope in reminding that building with wood is good for the planet and good for its people

“Sustainably harvested timber can reduce a building’s carbon emissions by up to 60%. Pope Francis is so right when he says that ‘humans are not meant to be inundated by cement and steel’. Building more with natural elements, like wood, is both good for the planet, and good for the wellbeing of people.“ Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

World leading climate scientist calls for 2 billion new homes mainly from wood

“To restore the climate, we need to, first, add and support 500 billion trees, and second, build 2 billion homes from harvested biomass. This is the nature-based solution.” Prof John Schellnhuber, Founder of Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research

Wood4Bauhaus co-founder promotes wood as a natural solution, enhanced by cascade use

Why wood? Because we can achieve true circularity: with renewable materials and proper management of the forests, we are not taking anything from nature.” Prof Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE and Wood4Bauhaus and

The Pontifical Academy of Science Conference announcement can be found here.

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