Open support letter for NEB: The EU forest-based sector’s role in the transformation of the built and living environment

With this open letter, the Wood4Bauhaus Alliance wishes to contribute further to the ongoing debate concerning the future role of NEB within the European funding programmes. To underline the important role of the NEB for the transformation of the built environment towards a sustainable, circular, and inclusive model, we present a list of detailed recommendations aimed at strengthening NEB’s presence in the EU funding programmes.

Building with wood is surging in Europe. Post-pandemic, producers of wood and wood-based products have experienced an increase of interest. This surge reflects a higher awareness of sustainability aspects, the potential for reducing carbon emissions by using wood-based products, as well as the practical advantages in construction timelines and on-site benefits.

Therefore, Research and Innovation (R&I) in sustainable biobased construction needs more dedicated support. A novel instrument for the NEB can support the reach of the EU programmes substantially towards society, markets and individual citizens. It can also better align and create synergies of R&I funding, as well as onboard innovative financing mechanisms, to scale and speed up the significance of the societal transformation.

This second open letter provides useful insights and evidence how the EU Missions currently relate to the forest-based sector’s needs, and which perspectives for transformation can emerge from a stronger embedding of NEB in the future Horizon Europe programmes.

To date, this open letter has received confirmed support from 82 signatories of the W4B Alliance and representatives of 73 organisations in 21 countries.

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