UNECE-FAO Impulse Lab on climate-proof building with wood

The Wood4Bauhaus Alliance was presented at the 83rd Session of the UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management in San Marino, in the UNECE-FAO Impulse Lab: “Trees – Nature’s technology for climate-proof building”.

Uwe Kies, Secretary General of Innovawood, gave the opening keynote on the role of wood as a sustainable, carbon-negative construction material, and the potential role of “timber cities” as large-scale carbon sinks and decisive lever for climate change mitigation.

The event also included interesting speeches by Erik Kelhout of Triodos Bank in the Netherlands, Sandra Frank of ARVET in Sweden, and Kit England of the Glasgow City Council.

📑 UNECE event page, background note & agenda.

📬 UNECE Press Release